How can I get in touch with customer service?

Our customer service is available from Monday to Friday, you can contact us via: customercare@klow.co or via our Facebook page.  If you have a more general question about how our brand / website works, you can contact us via: info@klow.co

What are your delivery times?

We regularly offer new products on the e-shop, but as we have limited quantities, if one of our products is out of stock and you want to know if a restocking is planned soon on this article, we invite you to send us an email to customercare@klow.co

I want to order an item, but how can I be sure to choose the right size?

A size guide is available on each product sheet, in the "Size Guide" section.

If despite this information you have a doubt about a garment and the size you should pick, we would be happy to help you. Just send us an email with your measurements and other details about your morphology to: customercare@klow.co

What if an item is missing in my order?

It is possible that items ordered at the same time are shipped separately, delivered by different carriers, and therefore do not arrive together at the delivery point.

In order to know more about your order, we invite you to consult the email of confirmation for your order, and to follow the delivery of your articles. You can also contact our customer service at the following address: customercare@klow.co

Is it possible to cancel or modify my order?

If you made a mistake when ordering, you have up to 1 hour to make changes (size, delivery address, contact). For this, simply contact us, indicating in the object the number of your order. And send us an e-mail to: customercare@klow.co

We request you to carefully select your quantities, sizes or shipping information. After 1H, your order will be processed and we will not be able to modify the information.

Then, for all information changes regarding the delivery (additional address, adding a digital code etc..), we invite you to directly contact the carrier. As soon as the delivery is in progress, the name of the carrier and your tracking number are sent to you by e-mail. If you need help, you can always send us an e-mail at customercare@klow.co

What if I do not receive the right item or the item is defective?

Although we are very vigilant about such thing, we are human... Errors may sometimes happen, but rest assured that our team will do the needful to quickly set things in order.

You can tell us your concern by contacting us via customercare@klow.co

We ask you to indicate your order number in the subject line of your e-mail and attach a photo of the item received.

How to track my order?

All our shipments are tracked, after validation of your order, you will receive an email with a link/tracking number, allowing you to track the shipping and delivery of your order.

To which countries do you ship?

Klow only ships to France, the United Kingdom, the United States and the following European countries: France, Monaco, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Andorra, Greece, Malta, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands.

What if I do not receive my package?

First of all, we invite you to check the delivery status of your package, via the tracking link of the carrier. This link was communicated to you by e-mail during the validation of your order. If you still face problems with the delivery of your package, we invite you to contact our customer service at customercare@klow.co . If by any chance your order has been send correctly but you didn't receive it because of missing information that you didn't gave us or some information were missing (such as door code, floor etc..) ; or you were not at home when the carrier company have tried to deliver it and didn't contact them to re-schedule ; or did not pick it on time at the pick-up point, we'll need to charge you for the unnecessary transportation. If the package is send back to our warehouse, you will be charged 15€

Can I receive my delivery at a pick-up point?

We do not have pick-up point delivery yet, but this feature will be coming soon on Klow. In the meantime, you can have it delivered directly to your home. If you have a specific question about our delivery methods, you can send us an email at customercare@klow.co

Where can I find information about your shipping and return conditions?

All shipping information is available here.
For returns, exchanges & refunds, click here.

I want to be delivered in Switzerland, will Klow pay for the customs duties?

If you order in a country outside of European Union, please note that your order will be hold by the customs that might ask you for fees and additional taxes. Those fees will be at the expense of the recipient.


What are the different payment methods you accept on Klow? Is the payment really secure?

On Klow, it is possible to pay your orders by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express) and via PayPal. If you use a credit card, our e-commerce site collaborates with the payment partner Sripe. Like PayPal, Stripe is a reliable payment partner that helps secure transactions. Our e-commerce site has the acronym "HTTPS", which refers to secure websites.

How to obtain a discount voucher?

By subscribing to our loyalty program, you will be able to benefit from exclusive offers throughout our e-shop. To register, simply create your Klow customer account by clicking here. And if you have not yet subscribed to our newsletter, please note that as a welcome gift, we offer you a discount of -10% on your first order. It's also the best way to keep up with the different promotional offers occurring throughout the year!

I have a discount voucher, how to use it?

You can enter your discount code in the "My Cart" section. In the step "validation of my order", you will be able to enter your promo code in the "promo code" section. It will be automatically applied just before payment and validation of your order.

Can I earn multiple coupons?

On Klow, it is not possible to accumulate several coupons for your items. However, according to the promo code, it can be applied to your entire order or to a specific article/collection. If you have a gift card, you will not be able to cumulate it with a voucher.

I have a gift card, how to use it?

Your gift card has a unique code, you can enter your code in the "My Cart" section. "My Cart". In the validation step of your order, you will be able to enter your promo code in the "promo code" section. The gift card will apply in the form of a "discount", just before payment and validation of your order.

I would like to offer a gift card, I do not know how to do it?

If you want to share your values with your loved ones and offer them a Klow Gift Card, it is possible! Simply select the "Klow" tab in the filter under the "Men's Collection"/"Women's Collection" category or click HERE.

How will I get my gift card?

Once you made your order, you will receive an email with a digital gift card. Within our aims of reducing our impact on the environment, we want to limit our carbon emission, this is why we send the gift card directly by email.


How do you select the brands available on Klow?

All products sold on Klow are subject to an audit. Our team of buyers and sustainable development enquires about: the composition, the place of manufacture, the mode of manufacture, if it is a truly sustainable and eco-responsible matter. We are surrounded by a community of experts in sustainable development.
And of course, the way in which workers and employees are treated remains a subject at the heart of our concerns. For us, ecology or ethics ask for no sacrifice.
Klow is an independent shop run by a team of passionate professionals. We do not receive any instruction or pressure from brands or large groups in the textile industry.
During our audits, as soon as a brand shows a grey area, lack of transparency or that a garment is considered in the least unethical or unecological according to our value criteria, they do not pass our selection phase. On Klow, we only offer eco-friendly fashion and products we believe in.
If you would like to know more about our selection criteria or if you have any questions about a garment available on Klow, send us a message to customercare@klow.co, we will be very happy to discuss it with you.

I would like to know what materials are used in the products you offer on Klow?

On Klow, we exclusively sell eco-friendly fashion clothes and accessories. All clothes are eco-friendly, either using organic and natural fibers, guaranteed without pesticides, or from recycling. For more information, about the materials sold on Klow, you can refer to our Materials page.

What is the charity program?

Klow commits to donate 1% of its turnover to an organization that fights for the welfare and education of children in need. Nearly 64 million children around the world have to work or beg on the streets to survive and therefore, have no access to education. At Klow, we selected the charity, Mary's Meals. It is an NGO that provides appropriate meals in schools in third world countries. The goal of the association is to enable children to receive a meal in the school setting. This gives them access to food, preventing them from having to work or beg for food while being able to attend school. €15.60 that is donated to Mary's Meals is enough to feed a child for a whole school year.

Is the packaging used recyclable?

In order to offer you an ethical and responsible experience, from the moment you order until the receipt of your package, we use only environmentally friendly materials (mainly from recycling). We minimize our packaging for eco-friendly reasons.
All our packages are tailor-made. This reduces waste and space used during transport.
Our partner brands that ship to the marketplace also use ecological materials whenever possible. Do not forget to recycle or reuse!

What do the different labels mean?

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
Only textile products containing a minimum of 70% organic fiber may be GOTS certified. The chemical inputs used, such as dyes and adjuvants, must meet a number of environmental and toxicological criteria. Production and processing systems must also comply with environmental regulations.
The Cruelty Free PETA label certifies that companies using this label do not test their ingredients, formulations or finished products on animals. The specification of the Cruelty Free PETA label certifies in particular the absence of animal test as well as the absence of animal origin material (example: honey, beeswax).
The Fairtrade label is used to indicate fair trade goods whose production meets certain social, ecological and economic criteria. This allows small producer cooperatives to obtain a more stable price and establish more sustainable trading relationships. Standards also include criteria to ensure democratic organizational structures, protection of the environment and safe working conditions.

The Oeko-Tex label is an international system of control and certification of harmful substances in textiles. It certifies the non-toxicity of textiles and dyes.


How to keep up to date with Klow's events and news?

We are present on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive news about the evolution of our start-up, the arrival of new products. PS: we also send a lot of useful and fun information to help you adopt an eco-friendlier way of living.

How can I sign up for the newsletter?

It is possible to subscribe to our newsletter directly on our site, via the tab at the bottom right of our website and on "Home". If you have trouble registering for our newsletter, send us an email to: info@klow.co

How can I create a customer account?

It is possible to create a customer account directly on our site, via the tab at the top right of the page: https://www.klow.fr/account/register.
If you have trouble creating your account, send us an email to: info@klow.co

What if I cannot log in to my client account?

First, make sure you have not made any mistakes while typing your username or password.
If this is not the case, you can use your e-mail address to obtain a temporary password by clicking on "Forgot your password? ".
If, despite these steps, you are still unable to log in to your customer account, please contact us via the address customercare@klow.co

What if I did not receive an email confirmation for my order?

We invite you to check the spam of your mailbox before contacting our customer service to inform us, at the following address: info@klow-slowfashion.com

What does Klow do with my personal data?

When you purchase something from our store, as part of the buying and selling process, we collect personal information that you give us such as your name, address and e-mail address. At Klow, we never provide/sell any data to a third party.
If you click on the "I agree to receive marketing information from Klow" box, we can integrate your email address into our newsletter database, to send you news about Klow.
If you would like more information on how your data is used by shopify (our hosting platform), you can send us an e-mail to: info@klow.co